Experiment One: Minimalism Day One

As I begin my search it only makes sense to start with minimalism since it's what inspired me to start The Adulting Experiment, so here's the start of my first experiment to finding what makes me a happy, healthy, successful adult. 

Before I did any research on minimalism I had written it off as something I couldn't do. I thought it meant I had to get rid of my car, all my clothes and live in the wilderness and anybody who knows me knows that I wouldn't make it in the wild. I can't start a fire or kill an animal and I live off fast food, so it just wasn't for me. 

Then, I watched a documentary on Netflix (Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things) and started doing research on minimalism and realized I was wrong. Minimalism isn't about living like a prehistoric human, but about removing excess from your life to focus on what really gives you happiness and freedom. There is no one way of being a minimalist - it all depends on what you want and what is distracting you from finding your true happiness. The overall goal is to get rid of unnecessary possessions, distractions and clutter so that you feel free. 

Not sure if it's something I'll enjoy or that will work, but I'm willing to try. Since I'm still getting familiar with the idea, I've decided to loosely follow The Minimalists' 21-day Journey Into Minimalism

On day one you're supposed to sit down and figure out exactly what you MUST do to rid your life of excess and bring you more freedom. 

Day 1: Make Your "I Must" List

  1. I must stop wasting money - I won't buy anything that isn't necessary to my life. 
  2. I must eat healthier food - I won't eat any fast food. 
  3. I must declutter - I will get rid of one material possession everyday. 
  4. I must read more - I will read every night before bed. 
  5. I must be more present - I will only use social media accounts when I'm not around others.
  6. I must educate myself - I will learn a new skill every week. 
  7. I must appreciate my life - I will write down something I appreciate every day. 
  8. I must talk to God more - I will take time to chat with and thank God multiple times a day. 

Here goes nothing. Twenty more days to go.