Minimalism Day Two (Plus It's My Birthday)

Today is day two of my minimalism experiment, so I'm supposed to develop a plan for my minimalism journey. I definitely ate an excess amount of food today (Spaghetti, bread sticks, cheese balls, cake, candy), but since I'm a minimalist newbie and it it's my birthday, I'm letting it slide. I didn't eat any fast food, so that's what really matters. 

I have to ask myself specific questions and think hard about the answers in order to properly develop my plan. I'm going to try to do it before I enter my food coma. 

Just in case you forgot what my musts were, they are: 

  1. I must stop wasting money - I won't buy anything that isn't necessary to my life. 
  2. I must eat healthier food - I won't eat any fast food. 
  3. I must declutter - I will get rid of one material possession everyday. 
  4. I must read more - I will read every night before bed. 
  5. I must be more present - I will only use social media accounts when I'm not around others.
  6. I must educate myself - I will learn a new skill every week. 
  7. I must appreciate my life - I will write down something I appreciate every day. 
  8. I must talk to God more - I will take time to chat with and thank God multiple times a day. 

Question One: What is standing in the way of my musts?                                                                 The only thing standing in the way of my musts is myself. I have the ability to do all of these things as long as I stick to them. 

Question Two: When did I give so much meaning to my possessions?                                            I don't think I ever gave a lot of meaning to my possessions, I just unfortunately don't think before I buy things and then I end up with a lot of things that I don't actually need. They really don't matter to me and a lot of times they just hang out because I'm too lazy to get rid of them. 

Question Three: What is truly important in my life?                                                                         Super cliche I'm sure, but my family, friends, God and my health are important to me. Also having fun because I love having fun. 

Question Four: Why am I discontented?                                                                                            (Googles discontented to make sure I answer the question right) The thing I'm most discontented with is that I'm not where I thought I would be in life at this age. When I was sixteen I had a plan of where I'd be and I think I lost sight of my goals a little bit. I also know I've made a lot of mistakes financially and when it comes to my education that I could've avoided had I of listened to people who were trying to help me. 

Question Five: Who is the person I want to become?                                                                       I would like to be a happy, successful person who my sisters look up to, my parents are proud of and am able to help people who are in need of help. 

Question Six: How will I define my success?                                                                                      I don't like this question because I'm obviously still trying to figure out what will make me successful, hence why I'm doing this whole thing anyways. 

Question Seven: How will my life improve if I own less stuff?                                                           I don't really know that it will because I've never really cared about owning "stuff", so I'm trying this whole minimalism thing to figure that out and see if it will improve my life and make me a better person. 

Still not completely sold on minimalism. I don't really see how that made me make a plan, but I'm pushing on. In the meantime, I'm going to read, eat more cheese balls and enjoy the rest of my birthday. First day of 23 was pretty damn good. 

Day two down. Nineteen more to go.