Minimalism Day Three: Temptation and Packing

Waking up this morning I was ready to take on another day of minimalism. I knew  day 3's assignment was to pack everything away except for the necessities, and I was actually kind of excited to do so. I had a little pep talk with myself and was ready for the day. 

The start of the day wasn't too bad, I had to get gas so I spent money for the first time in three days ($20). Thankfully there isn't too many distractions at the gas station, so I was able to get my gas and leave. As lunch time drew closer, I knew I would have to go to the grocery store to avoid running to get fast food, but it still made me nervous. I have this problem where any time I go into a store, I leave with at least five things that I don't actually need, but one of my musts is to not waste money. 

When I pulled up to the grocery store, I only took in $60 so that I wouldn't be tempted to grab some new fancy face wash I saw. I stayed away from all aisles that didn't have food on the shelves and was in and out in fifteen minutes. I spent ($40) and had enough food for two days -- this is why I eat fast food. Do you know how many times I could eat McDonald's for $40? At least 3 weeks. I almost threw in the towel. 


But then, my dad helped me cook my lunch -- I can literally count on one hand how many times I've cooked and it's actually been edible, so I wanted to make sure that this food was going to be delicious, so I asked my dad for assistance. (Life tip: Get you a boss who is also your dad and an excellent cook). 

After I ate (the food was so yummy and super easy to cook), I encountered my second temptation of the day. I had to go pick up parts for work and on my way there and back I passed every fast food place in America. I could taste the cheeseburgers melting in my mouth, the fries with the perfect amount of salt and the chicken nuggets dipped in ranch, it was literally torture driving past each place. So, I stopped. I had a few quarters in my change compartment and I got a soda. Technically I feel like this isn't failing. I didn't get any food and I didn't use any cash, I just used some leftover change. I guess some people will have a different opinion, but I still feel super proud because I didn't order any food and I got a medium drink instead of my normal large size. 

When I got home from work, I was stoked because it was time to go through my things and pack up everything that I didn't need. I went through my entire closet and got rid of half of my clothes. I packed up purses and jewelry, nail polish and scarves, hair styling tools and even face masks. I felt like a new person afterwards. It's definitely been my favorite part of this whole minimalism thing. I was able to fill up two jumbo sized Ziploc bags and now get to donate them to someone who truly needs these things. 

I was on a minimalism high and was rejuvenated to kick some ass, then came my final temptation for the day -- my mom. She came over while I was napping (probably another thing I do in excess, but we're working on one thing at a time here) and dropped off my birthday card. The woman already got me plane tickets to Boston, is paying for the hotel and bought me tickets to a Red Sox game, so I figured I was just going to open the card and have a nice little note in it, but out comes cash. Of course, I was very appreciative, but my next thought was, what can I go buy and where can I go spend this? MY BRAIN IS NOT TRAINED TO PUT IT AWAY AND SAVE IT. As I stared at all the cash any thought of minimalism left my brain, but thankfully I have my musts displayed in a spot where I will be reminded of them if I choose to be a DUMBASS (like normal) and it quickly calmed me down. I put the cash away and started to write today's post. 

Before we close, can we just clap for Brittany. Like I passed up some bomb ass food today, cooked an actual meal and didn't run to the store to spend her money. Who is this chick and is the start of being an adult? 

I know, I'm ridiculous; this is a normal thing for most people, but I'M LEARNING! 

FYI, I'm going to post the recipe to the food I cooked today in case you want to try it.