Minimalism Day Seven: Thank You

I've been look forward to today's task since I started because day 7 is all about thanking those people who support and lift you up on your journey. 

There are a few people I told when the idea first hit me and some I told right after I began my experiment, before anybody else knew and it's because of the positive light that they bring to every conversation. Even when they're giving me criticism, they do so in a kind, helpful manner which I appreciate. One of my flaws is that I get very defensive over things that mean a lot to me -- I'm trying to work on it, so it's essential for me to get calm, healthy feedback whether it's praise or criticism.

I believe that when people are optimistic, they bring a light that shines and spreads to whomever they are talking to and these people are some of the brightest humans in the world and I'm very fortunate to have them in my life. 

  1. Thank you Mom! You're the first person I told. Mainly because if you think I have a ridiculous idea, you tell me. You're like maybe you should rethink this one, but your reaction to this really made me move forward with my project. I love how you share my posts and you text me how much you like it. 
  2. Thank you Rachael! I can't even begin to describe the brightness that comes from you. I am seriously so blessed to call you my friend. You push me and motivate me to look past other people's thoughts and to do what I love. You amaze me every time I talk to you. Even while you're busy with school, you still make time to ask me how this is going.  
  3. Thank you Bitzie! Literally the second person I told. We're like little secret sharers with each other and I love it. I know that you'll always say you love anything I do (besides like if I did bad stuff obviously). You're just a sweet human being that everyone needs in their life. 
  4. Thank you Donna! I know you weren't aware of this before I started it, but I just knew that you would be me my top supporter. You've followed my writing since day one and bragged about me to just about everyone. Sometimes when you're talking about my writing, I don't even believe you're talking about me. You speak so highly of what I do and it literally means the world to me. 

There are so many others who support me, and whom I'm very thankful for, but these people literally made doing this so much better. All of them motivated me, all of them inspire me to be a better person and all of them radiate such brightness to the world that they deserve recognition. 

I feel like this post has been super sappy, sorry for everyone who doesn't know these people, but I know all of you have your own bright lights, so make sure to thank them. People often shine even brighter when they're appreciated, loved and treated with kindness. 

I'm off to my volunteer orientation at the Charleston Animal Society, but I have another post coming later today. 

Adios amigos!