Minimalism Day Four: Adulting is Exhausting

Just got home from my last birthday dinner, which means I'm officially twenty-three. I was going to take a nap, but trying to be a successful twenty-three minimalist adult, I decided to write today's post instead. I just napped yesterday and I'm not trying to be super excessive with the snoozes. 

Nothing too exciting happened today at work. I did have to go to Hobby Lobby for some stuff for this weekend's work event, and that was horrible. There were so many things I wanted, but I restrained myself - pretty sure I should get an Olympic medal for this. I did spend ($10) at the grocery store buying lemon, rice and seasoning for my salmon, but it was so worth it. First time I made salmon and now I think I should be a fish chef. (I'll post that recipe another day - I'm slowly falling asleep as I write this). 

Day 4  of my minimalism journey was all about unpacking my necessities that I packed in day 3, but I did things a little different on day 3. I just packed everything that wasn't a necessity, so there wasn't anything for me today other than make sure I was still meeting my musts, which I am doing an awesome job at. I know it's only been 4 days, but I'm KILLING it. 

  1. I'm only spending money on my necessities. 
  2. I'm talking to God more.
  3. I'm writing down something I'm thankful for every night. 
  4. I'm reading almost every night. :(
  5. I still haven't had any fast food. (most surprising) 
  6. I'm donating all of my possessions that aren't necessary (my definition of necessary in this instance is a little loose - I'm keeping my straightener, but getting rid of my two backups). 
  7. I haven't been getting on social media around other people besides my co-workers. It's a long day at work with no Insta stalking. 
  8. Lastly, this week I learned how to make a rue, and how to make a selfie board. 

 It's now eight o'clock. I've had dinner, a glass of milk, I've done all my musts and I'm ready for bed. Pretty sure this is adulthood. Winning.