Minimalism Day Five: I Can't Cook Meatballs

Well, I barely made it on time to work this morning; I got there with one minute to spare. I just couldn't get out of bed this morning, I hit snooze on my alarm for an hour and fifteen minutes, finally prying myself out of bed. I'm telling you ever since I started being an adult, I've been more tired than ever. I think I was less tired staying out until 2 am barely sleeping for 4 hours. 


Which meant go grocery shopping after work was pretty tough, but I managed to do it. I took ($50) in with me and left with ($2) and hopefully enough food to last me for the week. I always re-package the meat I buy in freezer paper because I never eat the whole package in one sitting. It really comes in handy. 


Anyways, day 5's assignment is all about looking at your priorities and making sure they aren't misaligned because of your attachment to "things." I tried to think of a material possession that I really had an attachment to and I couldn't think of anything except for my straightener and my car, so I'm not sure if that's quite the reason my priorities are a little out of wack. 

I did look ahead to day 6 and it's about facing your fears, which I'm going to go ahead and tackle today. I'm making this blog live, so other people can read it. That's really scary to me because I've started a lot of things before and have lost interest in them, so there's a few people who have lost faith that I'm able to keep things up. I have learned that when I really care about something and enjoy doing it, I do. Also, I'm scared because I feel like some people will be like who cares? Why are you doing this? But then I'm like because I want to, don't read it if you don't care. This is just one of my fears, but it's the most recent, so why not get it out of the way. 

Another fear that I've been tackling recently is the kitchen, but with my last two meals a success I decided to get a little brave and make meatballs. FAIL. It started out so good, but went bad so quick. When I went to rotate my meatballs in the pan, they broke apart. I decided it was a perfect time to boil some noodles and make spaghetti. My grandma decided then would be the perfect time to tell me that life gave me lemons and I made lemonade.  I was kind of like, maybe I should stay out the kitchen, but the spaghetti wasn't bad. 


Life tip: Eat your dinner out of Tupperware, so you don't have to wash the dish and you can just put the leftovers in the fridge and eat out of it the next day. 

Money spent so far: ($20) on gas and ($100) on groceries. 

Lessons learned so far: Groceries are expensive, I have too many nail polish colors, I don't have to spend money just because I have it, I can't cook meatballs, Being an adult is pretty exhausting, Cooking doesn't take that much longer than fast food and Talking to God helps me feel a little more sane. 

Brittany Wright