Minimalism Day 9: 5 Things I Want To Do

Exciting news: I've kept these flowers alive for a whole week; I've fed them and gave them light and they're still kicking it. 

Day 9 is about growth. It’s easy to stop growing and find yourself just going through the motions of your everyday life. You wake up, get ready, go to work, get off, eat dinner, watch tv, go to sleep and repeat. Recently, I've found myself in this rut. I've settled for comfort and stopped expanding my knowledge on the world. 

I believe that there's always more to learn; you can never know everything there is to know. We are all students of the world and have a vast amount of educational resources available to us if we aren't too lazy to use them. Lately, I've been too lazy. I've grown comfortable with my life and stopped trying to grow and give my brain the information it craves.  So, I'm making it my mission to one day write about me doing each of these things: 

1.  Learn how to speak fluently in a second language.

Specfically Arabic or Spanish, but any would do. I tried Rosetta Stone once, but Arabic is not an easy language to learn. 

2. Learn how to fly a plane.

Not a big commercial plane, but a little two seater. I’ve thought about taking classes at Trident, but the idea of me flying a plane is a little scary.  

3. Write about other cultures. 

I think a lot of cultures are misunderstood or judged, so I would love to meet people from every culture, experience their daily life and write about it to educate myself and others.

4. Bathe an elephant

Probably going to be the hardest one to accomplish since I don't hang out with elephants, but I'm hoping to be in Thailand one day bathing an elephant. 

5. Learn how to buy stock. 

I know nothing about the stock market. Mainly because I've never tried to understand it, but I want to. 

I don't expect to be trading stock tomorrow or ordering my next taco Tuesday meal in Spanish, but I do one day want to do all of these things. So, I'm adding a long term must to my life: I must remove myself from this rut and be a student of the world again. I must use the resources that God has provided me with to learn more about the world he created. I must not settle knowing only what I know now. 

Here's an update on my other musts: Still no fast food, still talking to God more, still only spending money on gas and groceries, still writing down one thing I'm appreciative of every night, currently trying to figure out what new skill I want to learn this week, but I am slacking on the reading every night. 

Learning a lot from this minimalism thing. Each day brings something new that I must reflect on and that is reminding me or showing me what I want from my life in certain areas. 

Right now, I'm hungry, I want food, so I'm going to make tacos. Adios.