Day Eight: Hangovers and Beliefs

Well, I’m not writing this from the bathroom floor, but that’s not to say I wasn’t there earlier this morning. Champagne and Jell-O shots don’t go well together and neither do hangovers with no fast food. Do you know how hard it is to not get a quarter pounder knowing that it would fix all of my current problems? Really hard. It’s like having a headache and not taking the Tylenol sitting in front of you. Yet for some reason here I am eating goldfish and chicken and rice, still trying to recover. 

The older I get the worse the hangovers get, it’s really not a lie. On top of my hangover, I’m facing an unfortunate truth that was revealed to me last night. There are mean people in this world. People that will say and do things to intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. I don’t understand it, I would never want someone to feel hurt, but I’m a big girl now, so I suppose I just go about my day. It just sucks when you think people are your friends and turns out they aren’t, but it happens and life goes on. I’m happy with those I have in my life who are genuine and kind.  

Day 8 of my Minimalist journey is about reflecting on my beliefs and aligning them with my values and actions. I obviously have too many beliefs to write about all of them, so I’m choosing one that means the most to me. My belief in God.  

I’ve never been super religious - I don’t go to church, I’ve never read the entire Bible and I don’t know scripture off the top of my head, but I believe in God and try to do what would make him happy. I’ve always been private about my relationship with him because it’s the most important relationship I have. I try to always treat people the way he would, with unconditional kindness, forgiveness and love. I don’t always succeed, but I always try.  

I believe that most of my actions align with my belief in God, but I will continue to try harder and remember that in the end we’re all humans with feelings and we all make mistakes.  

I’m not very happy with how my day went today. I’ve done nothing but sleep pretty much. I know it’s okay to have those days, but I’m trying to give this experiment my all and I feel like I’ve failed today. If anything, I’m learning a lot through this about myself and what I want to improve and what I also love about me. 

I’m going to sleep now knowing that tomorrow will be better.