Minimalism Day Six: I NEED A NAP

It's almost 5 pm, and I've been in my pajamas since 3. I'm doubting my abilities as an adult today. 

I ate cheese balls and noodles for lunch. I learned that you actually DO HAVE to turn you car off while getting gas. I asked more experienced adults after I received a very mean look from an old man at the gas station today and learned that this is in fact not a myth. I got into a fight with and had to learn how to use a tape dispenser thing with a cutter on it (for like packing boxes and what not). I should probably learn the name of that next. I may or may not have stolen an envelope from the post office, I don't know if they were free or not, but there was a long line and nobody ran after me. If someone tells me they cost money, then I'll go back and drop off a dollar or two after day 21. Plus, I'm about to take my second nap of the week. So, all in all today hasn't been my best performance, but even Jordan had his off days. 

In other news, as I was driving back to work today snacking on some cheese balls, I amazed myself with how good I am at driving while balancing a tub of cheese balls on my lap and eating the cheese balls without loosing any cheese off my fingers. I wouldn't try it if you aren't used to eating and driving, but in case you do decide to, here are some tips: 

  1. Put your legs together and put your container directly in the middle 
  2. Steer with your dominant hand and pick the cheese balls with your non-dominant hand (always look for the cheesiest while keeping your eyes on the road)
  3. When you turn, slightly lift the opposite leg from which you are turning just enough so that the container won't spill over - this is a waste of cheese balls and a mess to clean up. 
  4. After five to ten cheese balls, you'll most likely need a drink, so use the three fingers on your non-dominant hand that don't have cheese on them to hold the wheel still while using your dominant hand to pick up the drink. This ensures you won't loose any cheese and you won't be all over the road. Do NOT attempt this while turning, this should only be done while driving straight and with as few cars around you as possible. 

Since I faced my fears yesterday, day 6 is pretty boring on the minimalism front. I only spent money on gas today, still no fast food; I'm eating leftover spaghetti for dinner tonight. I'm pretty tired, so I'm going to take a nap, but I'm kind of worried about later on tonight when I get texts about doing something. I kind of want to do something, but I know I won't be able to spend money if I do, so that'll be challenging. Then again maybe going out without drinking is a fear of mine that I should face. This is the first weekend since I've stopped spending money on everything, but necessities, so it's going to be interesting. 

Wish me luck! 


Brittany Wright