Big Changes Happening - Still Eating Cheese Balls Though

I'm feeling extra inspired today because I've had a good bit of cheese balls and I'm dog sitting for a friend, so there's a dog staring at me and nothing gives me more energy than a dog. 

I've got some big news for everyone, but before we get to any of that let's do an update on the current experiment -- flowers and outside time. My flower pot is growing something green, I just still can't tell if it's weeds or flowers. They're green and spread out in the pot, but it's been two weeks since the first sprout, so I'm hoping they're going to grow into beautiful flowers. I just feel like with as much Kanye and water they've received they're going to be pretty awesome. 

Since getting back from Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago, I haven't spent much time doing outdoor activities. I did go paddle boarding one day and went to a few outdoor bars -- need clarification for if this counts, but other than that I haven't done much bike riding or beaching. I was hoping that was going to change soon, but that leads me to some of my big news! 

I start my new job tomorrow, yayyy! Which means more time indoors, but I'm so excited. I'm officially an Account Executive at Charleston's most kickass digital company. Whoop Whoop. 

Secondly, as of today, there's a website that is interested in turning my blog into a monthly column, so you might soon be reading this somewhere else. Can't give away too many deets yet, but stay tuned. 

For everyone who is going through a difficult time, just know that if you trust in God and work hard, you'll have some awesome shit coming your way too. I mean I have flowers (hopefully) growing, a new job doing what I've dreamed of doing and an opportunity to write for a larger audience, so I'm pretty freaking happy right now.

Lastly, just want to give a huge thank you to my family who has helped me and supported me, my friends who have given me laughter when I didn't feel like laughing and all the people giving me a chance. 

Brittany Wright