About Brittany

Brittany is a writer, social media genius, curious soul and creative thinker who appreciates the art of writing and all that it can offer the world. She enjoys telling stories that allow people to relate, feel excited and become passionate about a topic. 

She was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina where she has many years of experience in customer service, hospitality, marketing and writing. Brittany's biggest accomplishment was being a contributor for Hearst Publications, specifically having numerous articles published across multiple digital brands reaching more than 95 million visitors. 

When Brittany isn't at work or freelancing, she enjoys the occasional Netflix binge and relaxing at the beach. In three years, she'd like to be the owner of a puppy, a successful writer and content creator and have no more student loans to pay off.  


  • SEO and Google Analytics

  • Intro to Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Illustrator