Hello, my name is Brittany Wright!

I'm a twenty-something female living in Charleston, South Carolina trying to conquer the whole adulting thing. In my attempt to learn how to be a successful adult I have failed many times, had a few successes, but above all else have learned a lot of lessons and laughed a lot. 

There have been many times where I've felt hopeless, dumb and like I'm never going to get my life together, but there's not a guide book on how to be a good adult, so technically we're all just winging it until we find something that works for us.

After finishing a documentary on Minimalism I decided, why not document all my trials and errors and experiences for a few different reasons -- make someone laugh, help someone, let someone see that they aren't alone or all of the above. So after something spikes my interest or I receive some type of life advice, I will do the research, try it out and tell you about the outcome.